It is not always easy achieving a healthy balance between life and work. Juggling a hectic family life and keeping up with a demanding workload requires exceptional organisational skills, patience, tenacity and above all a passion for the industry.

Busi Oyewopo embodies these concepts with what may be perceived as effortless but is in reality, hard work.

Busi is a skilled interior Stylist whose attention to detail makes real estate a natural choice for this gifted mother of four. Busi consistently places the needs of her clients first and regards this as the hallmark of her success in this highly competitive industry. She gives a personalised service that values individual needs leaving all her clients; both buyers and vendors, satisfied by her professional skills.

No job is too hard or too small for Busi. She is fastidious by nature and presents her properties meticulously whilst making a conscientious effort for accuracy and maintaining diligence.

Working in the real estate industry has been a dream come true for Busi. Life may not have always been a bed of roses, but Busi firmly believes sheer hard work and tenacity can make all lives meaningful, productive and happy. “Family always comes first,” remarks Busi, as she recounts the exact moments that have shaped her outlook today. Born and bred in South Africa, the earliest years of her life exuded nothing short of warmth. Life was centered on a joyous, tight-knit family as one of six children. Since then Busi and her family have relocated to Perth, a beautiful city she now proudly calls home. Busi migrated to Australia in 2002, and she and her husband have enjoyed the easy lifestyle and warm welcome of Western Australians. Initially studying a degree in Information Systems at the University of Tasmania, she resided in Launceston while her husband, a GP, practiced in the remote west. Busi then worked alongside her husband in establishing a medical practice in the hills and gained innumerable skills in working with others in a complex healthcare system.

Busi has an easy going personality and an infectious smile. She makes time for others even in her hectic schedule. When she can steal away time for herself, she dabbles in her love for tennis, event planning and fashion. Holding these interests dear to her heart, she has succeeded in making an impact on others away from family and work. Having recently spoken at Stepping Out of the Shadows, a mental health awareness campaign for Lifeline, Busi is an advocate for a healthy mind.

The secret? It’s all about maintaining focus, and making time for the things that truly matter. ”Busi says. “Gratitude keeps me grounded, while my goals and priorities (like family) keep me moving.”

While honesty and kindness are a virtue, compassion and unwavering diligence are at the core of Busi’s vibrant life. Busi holds her passions close to heart, and her family even closer. As a dedicated mother, she continues to pass on solid life and family values to the next generation, as she seeks the best for all of her children.

As Busi believes, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you’re looking for someone to entrust with your next real estate endeavour, Busi is more than happy to sit down with you and lend her expertise at a time convenient to you. Get in touch with her on 0447 651 444 or email