Women of colour usually face the same problem when it comes to taking care of their faces or enhancing their beauty with make-up. Most cannot find cosmetic products that are suitable for their deep skin tone. With the use of social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube, Ruby Lynn is tackling beauty related insecurities and teaching women how to navigate the common beauty struggles.

Ruby Lynn is a 32 year old Zimbabwean lady who migrated to Australia in 2004. The following year, she did her Certificate 3 in Aged Care and worked as an Assistant Nurse for 3 three years. She then went to university and did her Bachelor of Nursing degree, and worked as a mental health nurse for five years.

Ruby Lynn has only been in the beauty industry for two years, but has had a passion for make-up ever since she was a little girl. To fulfill her dreams, she enrolled in makeup school in NSW. After attaining the qualification, she thought it was not enough because she needed to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of how to formulate makeup products. That’s when she did a correspondence training through a US based world renowned cosmetic formulator expert. She also took some face to face private tutorials on how to formulate mineral powder foundation and other cosmetics like cleansers, toners and more.

As a woman of colour herself, and having taken this pathway to help other Africans facing this kind of problem, she decided to come up with her own makeup line which, believe it or not, began in her own kitchen. Her mineral powder foundation is suitable for hot climates like Australia, UAE and the rest of Africa. The mineral foundation absorbs oils better and leaves skin looking more natural. She also has a wide range of matte long lasting liquid lipsticks that don’t leave stains on water glasses. It’s all grown into a makeup line that focuses on all shades of women of colour, from which she’s also set up an online store www.rubylynmakeup.com. Ruby aims to make a full makeup line to be available in Australian cosmetic outlets.

One thing Ruby Lynn has pointed out about her online popularity is that she needs to get into other multicultural communities in Australia. Ruby Lynn Makeup is for all Africans and People of Colour. Previously, she’s managed to set up a make-up salon in Harare, Zimbabwe that has been embraced so well by Zimbabwean women. She also has distributors in South Africa, Netherlands and United Kingdom. She will be launching her products in Botswana in December 2017 and aims to expand across the African continent, a dream she is sure will come true.

Ruby Lynn’s passion for makeup is expressed in teaching women who need some basic makeup skills. Motivation comes when the women give feedback on how much they have improved skills through her free tutorials.

“The women are also the ones that encouraged me to come up with a makeup range for them,” says Ruby Lynn.

Ruby encourages women to wear makeup for themselves and believes that every woman is beautiful. Her advice to women in general is – “Put effort in looking good, first impressions matter, we are judged by the way we look.”