MAYA was raised in Melbourne, and has now been working in the Australian music world for over 10 years.

The 3rd generation musician started performing at 8 years old, improvising 12 bar blues on stage with her musician father.

Her upbringing was influenced by legendary music icons Lauryn Hill, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, BB king and Aretha Franklin. Influencing a strong jazz/soul voice against neoteric beats.

A vivid fusion of RnB, soul and electronic jazz, MAYA’s electric sound mirrors her Australian | African | American | Austrian roots.

From a childhood spent improvising blues with her musician father to more recent years honing her skills as a songwriter and performer, the young artist has collaborated with some of Melbourne’s finest producers (Haxx [Deja], Jan Skubiszewski [Way Of The Eagle] ).

She has now performed in hundreds of venues across the world and her new single Blackout is available on all platforms.

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