Submitted by Adwoa Agyapomaa, Founder @ MoistureLover Afro Care based in Melbourne, Australia.

It was 2006, and everyone was jumping into the invitingly cool, crystal clear water on our mission trip to Fiji, while I hesitated on the beach front.

And why was I hesitating? No, it wasn’t that I couldn’t swim – despite the stereotypes, lol -it was because all of my life, I had learnt the constraining reality that water, was the enemy of my chemically relaxed afro-textured hair.

I eventually decided to take the plunge and deal with whatever the consequences may be.

Since that day, I decided that I would allow my hair to grow from my scalp the way that it was designed to and learn to live with it as it is.

I wish I could say that it was an exhilaratingly blissful journey, but it wasn’t.

I had several negatively-memorable instances of colleagues describing my hair as ‘terrible!’.

But, rather than return to the broken cycle of fighting the natural coils that grew from my scalp, I leaned heavily on my training as a scientist to explore ingredients that would help make my coily hair manageable in its natural state.

By 2015, impressed by what I had learned from exploring ingredients for afro hair, I decided to share my very first product with the natural hair community in Australia. MoistureLover Afro Care was born!

Today, we have a range of products that reflect an obsession with nature-derived wholesome ingredients as well as the need to do more business with Africa.

The passion for trading with Africa means we use shea butter extensively and formulate our shampoo from African Black Soap.

We invite all health-conscious naturals to try our wholesome difference.

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