Business banker by day, occasional comedian and MC, Emmanuel Ranga is not only a performer with style; he also owns his look as Founder of E.N Maxwell. Emmanuel has resided in Australia for a decade, and the release of his menswear brand is not only a personal success for him, but a huge step in the right direction for menswear nationally.

We did a Q&A with him as the gentleman of the moment, showcasing the first full range of menswear at the FOAA 2017 Fashion and Hair Runway:

Q: Where did your love for suits come from?

Emmanuel: I remember being in the 4th grade. Once a year we got to wear normal clothes to school instead of the school uniform. All the kids would dress in their best casual attires. I was at the age where my mum chose what I wore. On this particular day she forced me to wear this horrendous mustard brown suit. Here I was walking around school in a full suit and all the other kids were in jeans and t-shirts. I vowed never to wear suits till I was 27 years old (In my mind it felt like 27 was an age where I would have to wear a suit).

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. When I came to Australia, I joined a church band and we had to wear suits every Sunday. That’s when my 4th grade hate for suits came to a halt. Needless to say I wasn’t 27. In my current job, I wear suits daily and my love for suits continues to grow.

Q: At what point did you decide to start E.N. Maxwell and why?

Emmanuel: So when I got my first corporate job in the bank, as a gift my dad took me to his tailor so I could get suits made for work. It’s only when I started wearing these suits that I realised the difference that a tailored suit can make you look compared to one off the rack.

I worked with the tailor and chose the fabric that I wanted and the structure of the suit. I loved the creative process and to then see the finished product was just sheer bliss. A couple of years later after a few conversations from people who liked my style and how I dress, I figured, let me start my own line of tailored suits

Q: What fabric do your suits come in and which ones do you recommend?

Emmanuel: We stock a whole range of options. Our Velvet jackets are quite popular. They just feel good, inside and out. Depending on the customer’s budget and requirements, the suits are made from wool or poly-viscose.  I find that the latter is very durable and affordable.

Q: Is there a particular target audience for your suits?

Emmanuel: The suits are really for anyone. Anyone who wants a good custom made suit without breaking the bank in the process. E.N Maxwell at its core is all about making suits that are unique to each individual. Suits for those people like me who do not like conforming to what is being sold off the rack, an opportunity to create a bespoke piece of clothing.

Q: Who is currently wearing them? And what opportunities have you had to showcase to more people?

Emmanuel: Wow, where do I begin. It’s an eclectic group of people. We have dressed grooms, groomsmen, people with corporate jobs, people wanting to stand out from the crowd. Friends, family. We have been fortunate this year to have collaborated with a number of photographers and bridal companies. We took part in our first ever Runway show with FOAA being the second. We were part of the French Festival and have a few events already lined up for 2018.

Q: What can we expect to see from E.N Maxwell in the near future?

Emmanuel: A women’s range. We are working to launch our range of tailored suits for women.

Q: What are your top 3 style tips for men?


  1. It goes without saying that every man needs to own a tailored suit.
  2. Fitted white shirt (E.N Maxwell has a good range). My favourite is our textured white shirt. You can wear it with anything. chinos, dress pants or jeans.
  3. Socks. Go crazy with socks. I reckon socks tell a lot about someone’s personality.  I do stand-up comedy from time to time and so inserting a bit of humour and bringing a bit of color in dull situations is something that comes naturally to me. You’ll see me pair my multi-coloured polka dot or watermelon socks with my navy blue suit at work. The bolder the print the better.