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Anisa Nandaula is an emerging Brisbane based poet and performance artist. She was born in Kampala, Uganda and moved to Australia at the age of 8.

Through growing up in Australia, Anisa began to notice the obvious distinctions between the first world country she was growing up in and the third world country she was born into.

The gross difference in living standards was what sparked her passion for social justice and this passion motivated her to use her voice to articulate her thoughts.

She is currently studying Law/ Government and international relations at Griffith university. Understanding the law, politics, international relations and how they interact with society heavily inspires her work.

Anisa is known for her profound and insightful pieces on political and social justice issues.

She took this passion and was one of the organisers who started poetry organisation Voices of Color (VOC) in 2016. In sharing her work she found a lack of people of color within the poetry scene expressing there views. Thus VOC was organised whereby monthly open mic nights specifically targeted artists of color.

In the same year Anisa entered her first poetry slam and shared her views on the Syrian crisis at the Queensland Slam poetry finals and was fortunate to win the state championship.

From then on Anisa has performed at the New Globe theater, Brisbane Square Library and Story fest in Sydney. In the same year she performed her poetry at the Sydney opera house at the Australian National Poetry slam and took runner up.

Anisa’s poetry delves into economic, political and social injustices and aims to remove the blind cloth of apathy we have been taught to wear.

Her often controversial work and explores the complexities being a child of diaspora, history and the importance of philosophical questioning.

Her soulful and passionate performance style has been described as being incredibly moving.

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